Image Consultant, Men's & Women's Style Expert, Public Speaker

Who is Cat Slater?

Cat SlaterWhether speaking to a large crowd or working one on one with a client, image consultant Cat Slater always inspires polish and style. Spend just a few minutes with her and you will never look at clothing the same way again. From the time she was a child growing up in Los Angeles, Cat has been developing her own look and that of others.

As an image consultant, public speaker and fashion stylist, Cat works with Los Angeles’ top professionals to define their signature styles.

“The clothes you wear should be part of your overall networking and marketing strategy. Every person has a unique style that is all their own. In business, first impression perceptions are essential.”

Cat often says, if you look like what you do, chances are, more people will be interested in you and what your services are.”

As either a business owner or a professional climbing the corporate ladder, having your own signature look is crucial to fast-tracking success! Cat’s unique approach helps clients stand out in a crowd, and gets them noticed in the best possible ways!

“Part of my job is to understand what makes you happy with your personal style, and merge it with your potential client’s expectations.”

Cat asks her clients thought-provoking questions to get them to understand what they look like is part of their business. She believes anytime you are out, you are in a potential networking situation. Cat works with her clients and helps them to dress for any opportunity that arises.

“What you wear is with you all day,” she says speaking to a group of almost 100 professionals, “if you love the way you look and feel good about it, you will not only project better, your stride will be a little longer and your handshake will be a little firmer.”

Clients who work with Cat naturally become more confident as their personal style begins to evolve. She believes that as you get to know yourself, you will look better, feel better and you get better results in your business.

Cat has works with a variety of clients, from top-tier C-level executives to the corporate up and comer, to the small business owner looking to take their business to the next level. Anyone can benefit from her image consulting!

“It takes no more or less effort to look good than not. I choose the latter over the former, always.” – Cat Slater