Image Consultant, Men's & Women's Style Expert, Public Speaker

Picture Perfect

Have you ever taken the perfect picture, only to discover you looked great but your clothing was off-kilter? This doesn’t have to happen to you. Cat Slater is the stylist who guarantees your photos are ‘picture perfect.’

Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, retirement party, bar or bat-mitzvah or any other occasion permanently memorialized in pictures, she partners with the photographer to insure everyone in the frame is polished and put together.

Using her experienced stylist’s eye, she makes sure dresses are perfectly positioned, jewelry is centered and in focus, boutonnieres are all in the same place, and that hems and sleeves are tucked in and neat.

If you are a bride, she makes sure that your dress is strategically placed, and doesn’t make the groom look like he’s ‘floating’ because it covers his legs.

Cat’s ‘Picture Perfect’ styling is an invaluable addition to any photography team.

Picture Perfect