Image Consultant, Men's & Women's Style Expert, Public Speaker

Lecture Series

Lecture Series

Cat has been passionate about clothing since she can remember. For more than 20 years, she has been sharing the importance clothing plays in one’s life.

If you work at a Fortune 500 or own a small to medium business, Cat will custom-tailor a lecture to fit your company’s needs. She also speaks to baby boomers and seniors teaching them the most efficient way to downsize their closets. She educates them on the potential value vintage and hand-made clothing that may have been saved for countless decades.

Some examples to topics she lectures on are:

  •  How to Develop Your Personal Wardrobe Style/Brand
  • 10 Easy Ways to Polish and Improve Your Look
  • How to Downsize Your Closet
  • Your Clothing & Your Psyche: What Do your Clothes Say About You
  • How to Dress For the Career You Want
  • Vintage Clothing: Not Just for Nostalgia Anymore