Image Consultant, Men's & Women's Style Expert, Public Speaker

Image Consulting

Image consultant Cat Slater works with her clients using a 5-step process that defines not only their professional style, but their personal style as well.  Cat melds what her clients love to wear with what their potential clients’ expect them to look like. She also makes sure the client’s look is congruent with his or her price point.  Do you look like you can afford your own services?

Customers perceive those with their own signature look, or personal clothing brand, as bringing more value to the table.  When speaking to groups of people, Cat uses the example of two real estate agents. She asks you to imagine what you think a Beverly Hills real estate agent looks like. Then, she asks you to imagine what a real estate agent would like in Venice Beach.  Do you think they would look the same, she asks. The answer is no. Although it’s the same job, they are two distinctly different looks.

The reality is networking can happen any time you step outside your house. So it’s important to look your best for all occasions. Cat’s approach creates a personal flair that fits into a client’s overall lifestyle.  Whether you are in a professional setting, casual get-together or sitting on a bench watching your childs soccer game, your next client could be standing right next to you.