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Estate Clothing Evaluations

If you’re an estate or trust attorney, Cat will work with you to evaluate the clothing, jewelry and accessories in your client’s closet. She has extensive knowledge of men’s and women’s vintage and high-end clothing, and can assess both new and used items in the wardrobe.

Cat will provide a report specifying whether the clothing in the closet holds value and should be written into the estate or trust.

Estate Clothing Broker:

Cat works with probate, estate and trust attorneys as well as executors when the time comes for the closets to either be downsized or emptied.

She has a unique working knowledge and can recommend the best way to efficiently find new homes for a loved one’s cherished wardrobe or collections.

She can assess items in the wardrobe including clothing, costume jewelry, hats, purses, shoes, fans, canes, cufflinks, tuxedo sets, gloves, vanity and other miscellaneous items.

Cat is connected with some of the best clothing resellers, which can guarantee the estate the most lucrative outcome possible when the time comes. She can arrange exclusive, invitation-only, silent bidding between the appropriate retailers for the estate’s couture, high-end clothing or off-the-rack garments.

If the collection is notable and the family prefers not to sell, another option is to donate to a museum.  Cat can locate museums that would be thrilled and honored to have the collection.