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Energetic Closet Cleaning

Energetic Closet Cleaning

The first thing most people experience when they try to clean their own closets is overwhelm, followed closely by indecision about what to keep and what to part with, wrapped up with resignation that it’s all too much, which leads to once again closing the door and walking away.

An Energetic Closet Cleaning with Cat will eliminate all the items in your closet that no longer serve you. Whether your style has matured or evolved, you have lost weight or gained weight or realized that your clothes are no longer age appropriate, Cat will partner with you to redefine your personal style.

After an initial conversation, you will head to the closet, where you and she will go through it, piece by piece. She is intimately familiar with the emotional and psychological hurdles that can be attached to particular items, and will ask you thought-provoking questions that lead to your own decisions about what stays, what goes and why.

Cat will also recommend a few classic pieces that will increase the function of existing items tenfold. The end result is perfectly organized closet, filled with clothes that are well fitted, comfortable and ready to wear. Even those random items that you love but have never been able to wear, will now be incorporated into outfits that reflect your unique and personal taste.

Imagine the confidence that comes from knowing that you are consistently ready to dress to impress and that everything in your closet suits your style by design.